Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up With TV Friends and Oh Yeah, Al Roker Sharted

I decided to catch up with my friends, it's been so long...

Ann Curry It looks like Ann Curry is trying to leave us, ya'll. It looks like her role as a globe-trotting reporter is only equaling one appearance a year. It did start out promising though. Curry’s first post-exit appearance with NBC Nightly News with Brian Wilson Brian Williams. It wasn’t a happy occasion. Both Williams and Curry were out in the field covering some tragedy. Curry first appeared wearing a French maid costume like the one Sabrina Duncan wore on that episode of Charlie's Angels. In the later remote Ann was wearing some big ass David Ruffin sized specs too. I liked them...

That's pretty much it, Ann's doing cameo appearances like this is all a Spelling/Goldberg production. Did you see her interview with the cast of the Hobbit? Nope. So much so Ann is looking to get out of her NBC contract. Jeff Zucker is over at CNN and is looking to give Curry a high profile gig over at that network. Reportedly, she wants Anderson Cooper's old slot. He's not on there anymore is he? He is? Oops...

Amy Robach- You remember Amy Robach? Really? Ain't that something. When she first left NBC and Lester Holt's loving embrace, people thought she was nuts. She wasn't. In fact Amy's leaving NBC turned out to be a way for people to see her on days beside Saturday morning.

In fact, Amy's been putting in a lot of work at ABC. She appeared on Good Morning America as the lead anchor and I even saw her doing a news report on World News Tonight. Now tell me something. In all those years of being on NBC,struggling, cleaning up Matt Lauer's sick off the toilets, did you ever see her co-anchoring Today in a week day? Never. 

Al Roker- It's my sad pleasure to review this recent, revolting activity. It's become clear that Our Al Roker has barrel/bowel problems. In March of 2002, Al underwent the taxing weight loss surgery. In hi-fluent medical terms it makes the stomach size "way smaller." This weight loss aid seemed to help and hinder Al Roker. Later that year when visiting the White House, Al Roker sharted in his pants. As he explained on Dateline, he thought he passed gas but it was "something x-tra." Terry-fied, he ran to the bathroom to remove his painted bloomers and held this secret shame for nearly 13 years. From now on Al wears the scarlet P: For pooping pants!

The Today Show- Zomebody gone. I've been watching the 3rd hour of Today and I've noticed a change. Guess what? Every time I turn over to the 9 o' clock hour on NBC, I see Natalie Morales, Shittin' Al Roker and Willie Geist. Willie Geist? Where's In The world Is: Matt Lauer? 

Unlike NBC's suspecious signing of Ryan Seacrest, I didn't expect to see Geist on the program this much and so soon. But here he is. At 8:59, it's like Matt Lauer disappears into thin air and is replaced by a taller, more likeable human being. Really, "losing" an anchor isn't news. Back in olden day, Meredith Vieira used to pack up her cares and woes and leave due to an insane clause per Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? But where does Matt have to go? Nowhere.I wonder if he takes a cut for that loss of time. At this point they are probably paying him--to keep his damn mouth shut!

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