Sunday, September 27, 2015

The View b/w The Meredith Vieira Show b/w Kill Me Now

Oh hi. I've been hiding. I've been trying to avoid the inevitable, a post about The View. You remember The View don't you? It was a fairly innocuous show from the 1900's where people talked about politics and mostly B rated stars appeared to talk about their latest moving pictures. My the times have changed. For my fellow dyslexics, I'll go over what's happened in about a year time.

   About six months ago an evil Irish woman named Rosie O' Donnell appeared and than escaped because of the things that Cliff Huxtable did. The show also got a new executive producer. There was a lady there named Nicole Wallace, the world's only likable Republican. Rosie Perez appeared on here and basically acted like that Warner Brothers green frog. Whoopi Goldberg appeared to have wretched her back lifting boxes of 8 tracks and spent a good amount of the season sitting in a special chair.

  In the spring, it was clear that no one was watching so changes were made. Rosie Perez left, came back and left again. That lady Nicole Wallace was asked to leave. Also a bespectacled fever dream named Raven Symone appeared on the show as did someone named Michelle Collins....

The new View debuted in early September. More hosts were announced including Candace Cameron Bure (in the Elisabeth Hasselback slot) a sack of sand named Paula Farris and Joy Behar, again! The shows I've caught have been a bit better. The show has improved production values (the executive producer was let go) and it's got a snap reminiscent of the show's halcyon days. The best part of the show? It looks like they've calmed Raven Symone down. I hope she leave! (sp)

Grade ***

The show has improved with Joy Behar being back.

The Meredith Vieira Show- The Meredith Vieira Show- I could have sworn this show was over but when I was turning what's left of my TV dial with pliers, it stopped on this particular weird program. As we know, a lot of viewers didn't expect to see any more of this show, so much so I'm surprised they didn't break this studio/stage down to little bits. This show is back all right, for better or worse.

It looks like this show has a "special" talking segment with three or four cackling folks blathering on about something or other. During my three minutes of watching I saw this loud lady bellowing, Lance Bass with his little nose talking about his husband and that was all I could take.Didn't Lance have a movie about chasing after this girl and Al Green was there to help? Husband? He wasted Al Green's time!

Grade **1/2 Dotched a notch for this the chit-chat session. Break those chairs and put them in the wood chipper!