Friday, January 08, 2016

Josh Elliot Leaves NBC, A World Rejoices. Jenna Wolfe Leaves NBC and a World Cries!

 Happy New Year! I know you've been busy with "stuff" and didn't know about this earth shattering stories. Santy Claus hid these news stories because he didn't want you to get an achy tum-tum. But here they are, one after the other. And isn't it strange these two never got a chance to be on the Today Show together. They are--in my fever dreams...

 Sad news to report, Josh Elliot and NBC have reached the conclusion that Josh Elliot will not be working for the Peacock network anymore. The former star of Good Morning America signed to a high-profile contract at NBC almost two years ago. The signing didn't exactly heighten Elliot's profile, he was only a part of NBC Sports and if you're like me you haven't watched NBC Sports since Dick Enberg was still with us. During the signing, Elliot seemed really happy about being the NBC Sports guy. Josh Elliot is a tremendous liar.

We all know Elliot wanted the gig at the Today Show but it didn't turn out as planned. That show is about 15 folks deep one in co-hosts, Peter Alexander, a brother who's 7 feet tall and always speaks with his outside voice, Carson Daly, Willie Geist, etc. You know what? I even saw Harry Smith on there, he was drunk of course. You know who I didn't see? Josh Elliot, not one morning, not even a single day. Ha!

Part 2: It's no secret that Josh Elliot can reportedly be a corrosive presence in the office. He's very ambitious, selfish and he's been known to have a work fling or two. Hey? That sounds like Matt Lauer!
Josh Elliot is taking a break to spend time trolling on the internet for whores.

Who's that? Who's there? Well it's Jenna Wolfe! Jenna Wolfe was the co-host of the weekend edition of Today until they demoted her and made her read news like a newbie. Sad times. In 2014 Wolfe announced that she leaving Weekend Today to become a health-fitness guru on the week day edition of Today. Ha! In the business, that seemed like a stopgap measure, you know, "re-assign" someone, don't give them a doggone thing to do and wait until they leave in a huff. To be honest, I think I only saw Jenna Wolfe once on the Today show she was feigning enthusiasm in workout gear with jump robes at her defeated ankles.

Wolfe was also supposed to do national news reporting too. I didn't see that either. With all of that on her plate (and motherhood w/ her girlfriend Stephanie Goosk.) Wolfe put some pep in her step and left NBC all together. Oh noes! Jenna Wolfe has a website where you can read about exercise stuff.

This was Jenna Wolfe's old home. Did you hear the latest? Well what happened about a year ago? Lester Holt finally escaped after being there for a million years. On Holt's last day he was a river of tears and broke down on Dylan Dreyer's lap, cried and grabbed her behindz! Lester Holt is now the lead anchor on NBC Nightly News taking over for Lyin' Brian Williams.

And about Weekend Today. Well, the show has really improved. Erica Hill has really gotten better and the addition of the aforementioned Dylan Dreyer and the lovely Sheinelle Jones is great too.

Weekend Today ***

Part 2: I feel odd not complaining....

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Fab Life: A Review From Someone Who Hates Television

Oh hi. You know since the jailhouse turned me 'a loose, I've got more time to talk about television. That's good and bad news. Guess what? I had a blog about the Fab Life already in the drafts but I forgot to post it. Darn it! And now it grieves me, pleases me to tell you that Miss Tyra Banks is leaving the show she helped to create. I know, I know I almost dropped a load in my Toughskins when I heard the news. Here's the rundown.

The Fab Life is a horrible, lifestyle show that features Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, some Asian fella with a husband, a fix it lady and a blonde blob who was 15 month pregnant. Anyway when the Fab Life debuted the big draw seemed to be a more mature Tyra Banks. You know, she got a new haircut and seemed to play grand-dame to her panel of lesser those no less important people. It was all a lie. Within a few weeks, the cracks started to show and I don't mean Chrissy Teigen's. Banks's new found maturity seemed to crumble in one episode when she tried to get another decade of pity points by talking about Naomi Campbell--again. The subsequent shows found her looking less interested, playing hooky and smoking behind the school with the rest of the dead heads. Kids today!

Part 2-

On the days of Tyra Banks is out, about and riding her broom, Chrissy Teigen takes the lead. The show is a bit better. I bet working with Tyra is like working alongside your supervisor. You know, you pretend to like one another, laugh out loud at unfunny jokes and all the while you hate one another. Anyway the Tyra-less shows are a breeze, Teigen doesn't seem to pontificate from on high like Banks does and in a way Teigen ends up being the fun presence Banks was--for about two weeks.

Part 16, 17

I have no idea what's going to happen to The Fab Life. The rating are bad, bad and Tyra Banks escaped so the prognosis is suicide. Tyra Banks wants to kill her show stone dead!

Grade ** 1/2

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kind of Watching TV: Guilty Conscience

Oh hi, you know, in my career, I get many things to view. Just yesterday a vagrant threw a soiled bag of DVD's at me, and this was in it, the 1985 classic Guilty Conscience. This movie is about a boring ass, pompous lawyer who had extended conversations with his ID (who's apparently near-sighted) and he spends the movie juggling his wife ( Blythe Danner) and his mistress, Swoosie Kurtz.

I normally hate movies from the '80s but this was an exception, I like murder mysteries! If someone wants to go shopping for me, just buy me a movie where someone's shooting somebody, like Gandhi or Mary Poppins, those action scenes are rad.

Anyway Arthur (Anthony Hopkins) desperately wants to kill his wife (Blythe Danner) and has concocted a brilliant home invasion scenario that looks so good, Crockett and Tubbs would have called it an accident. But there's a catch--and of course all of the implications are talked over with Arthur and his geeky alter ego. How do you tell them apart? You can't really, they both are played by Anthony Hopkins and they are both annoying.  Anyway, my copy of Guilty Conscience is no cinematic/video masterpiece, it looks like it was taped on a worn VHS tape. Instead of talking about the intricacies of the film--but there's a few things that have to be seen, here's a review of the actors performances.

Anthony Hopkins- He did ok. This was filmed for CBS Television so this would qualify as part of Anthony Hopkins's lean years, you know when he guested on 227 as landlord and busy buddy Mr. Fitzworthy and was on the run and was captured near a Hands-Across-America chain. Hopkins is pretty much himself here, as hammy as Porky Pig and only truly likable to the criminally deranged. I like him a lot.

Grade ***

Blythe Danner- I should recuse myself from grading since I'm so fond of Blythe Danner, she's one of the 7 or 8 human beings I actually like. She looked great in this. Danner must have come up on Hard Times during this particular juncture because this is no lost classic. Still Danner gave her portrayal a cerebral and sensual
energy, she just has "it" so expressive, interesting, etc. Oddly enough, during one of the more important scenes, someone instructed Danner to put on big, ol' glasses that were as big as windshields. Glasses, to hide those eyes? A. crime. (sp.)

Grade ******

Swoosie Kurtz- This is what some might call, the First Swoosie Kurtz before she was "re-imagined" a few years later. Kurtz was very cute here, earthy, a little tough and with her original hair color, nose and whatnot. As for fans of her work in Sisters and Mike and Molly, they might not recognize her. Kurtz did good work with Danner and Hopkins and Kurtz's character was so fun, I wish she could have pimp slapped Blythe Danner, strangled Anthony Hopkins and walked away with the credits rolling. I'm a romantic!

 Grade ****

Movie Grade: Guilty Conscience putters around from company to company who specialize in budget fare. I've seen 2 hour versions, a 5 hour version and another version where James Brown from the TAMI show is spliced in. The version I have looks awful but the work is sound.

Grade ***