Monday, July 07, 2008

The Jenna Wolfe/Lester Holt/Amy Robach Chronicles

Did a short stint in a "facility" I'm back to new now. In my absence, there seems to be some trouble brewing on NBC's Weekend Today. For the past few months the always exciting Lester Holt has been sharing duties with two women, the aforementioned Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe. It was Robach who seemed to inherit the job from the lovely Campbell Brown. Slowly but surely Jenna Wolfe has been making her presence known. In a frankly head-scratching move, NBC split the weekend co-anchoring slot between Robach and Wolfe. Lester Bolt, I mean, Lester (It's late I can't spell) has some thinking to do. Or I can do it for him, mwah, hah hoo hah....

Amy Robach- Robach is the solid choice. She's experience (no typo) and she reads the news without any trouble at all. Robach and Holt seem to have pleasant camaraderie. It's nothing like when Lester had with Campbell Brown, but it's cordial enough for both outside food segments and noting the passing of foreign dignitaries.

Grade C+

More Junk: Oddly enough, this past weekend Robach didn't do herself any favors with a eyelid shutting piece on food and stuff at baseball stadiums. Who did she take with her? Her husband. Wow wee! That's thrilling!

Jenna Wolfe-In the name of fair non-journalism, I should recuse myself from this conversation, I've developed a crush on Young Jenna. She's just odd cute and odd. Her chemistry with Lester Holt is so weird, it makes the show that much more watchable. But of course there's a problem. For some reason, Jenna doesn't seem to be a fave of a few people and those people have been contacted and they'll be singing a different tune soon enough.

Part 2: In a hilarious segment Jenna was interviewing some woman who was like lost in the wilderness or something. After the woman was near tears Jenna took a hard break, like she didn't even give a hoot. Now that's comedy!

My Favorite News Team: I wonder what former Pop Culture Idiot editor thinks about this. I bet he calls Saturdays with Amy "easy days" and on the night before Sunday, he has to steel himself in case Jenna's extra abrupt and whiny. Those, are the best days.


Grade: A

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