Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amy Robach Leaves NBC and the Today Show

You know, I liked watching Amy Robach on the television. Robach and her weekend "Today" show host Lester Holt logged in a lot of hours together. I made it appointment TV to see Amy on Saturday, Sunday, whatever hell day she showed up on. Sadly I missed her announcement: She's leaving "Good Morning Beantown"  to take a job with ABC News.Traitor! Imagine Amy having the nerve enough to leave a sinking ship to save her journalistic career. She's so selfish. 

 At this point, I can't think of Amy Robach (of the Sears and Robach fortune) without thinking about Lester Holt. You know Holt got a shudder in his bones after hearing his work wife was going to back it in. To soften the blow, Amy took Lester to an old-timey McDonalds, you know, with Mayor McCheese statute out front? Reportedly Lester took the news like a big boy and then proceeded to choke on his Apple Pie as Amy drove away.

Thankfully Amy's departure wasn't a week long extravaganza. Amy announced her intention on her last show, Msy 19th 1975. Through the clips of her 9 years there we got to see how existentially boring charming she is and how time has wreaked havoc on Lester Holt's hairline. To be honest, I was a river of tears seeing Amy playing ping-pong, climbing into Mount St. Helens, and other mundane activities.. After the clips were played, Amy boo hooed, brought her kids on stage and tossed it to a break one last time. As for Lester, he should he used to this. He seen everyone from Bess Myerson to Campbell Brown out the door. Is he the reason they've all left? Is it his breath? Heh heh heh.

The Fallout: Minimal. While Holt seemed to like Robach better, I think Jenna Wolfe might be available on Saturdays. You know Jenna gets on everybody's nerves and it will be fun to see if she gets to torture us even more!
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