Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Ira Joe Fisher Files

The Ira Fisher Chronicles: Little shit has been getting on my nerves for quite some time. This deal on the left is one of them. Long story short some ass head sent me the following about something I wrote a while back. Here's the link and their comment follows....

"...Well hey there! Fuck you asshole. Also Ira Joe has lost over 100 pounds since then and looks great..."

Well, at least they said "hey." I was alarmed to see that in my mailbox at 3AM, I let out a shriek of horror, passed out and awoke 15 hours later. I must have stumbled on a blind rage, in fact I'm on the run as we speak. Back to the matter at hand, can you believe someone wrote something like that? Imagine the raw audacity. To let the record show, I wasn't going to share this but then I decided, why not. It's hilarious.

I know this person cut and ran after their youthful hijinks, but I had to bring this right on front street. Why? To show there's crazies among us. And you know what? Whether Joe Fisher is 3,000 pounds or skinny enough to slide through jail cell bars, I don't care!

Part 2: For some reason all weathermen get on my nerves. I don't find Al Roker the least bit entertaining and Willard Scott gives me the creeps.
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