Friday, June 20, 2008

The Year of the 8 Track: A Travelogue

Isn't that beautiful? To me, it's almost like porn. Don't get jealous, the 8 tracks in the picture on the left are mine. Mine! I've never been so happy!

A month or so ago, I decided to further explore this bit of analog science--like over a 1,500 albums didn't get me there enough. Still I remembered how 8 tracks sounded different and often better than their vinyl counterpart. Believe it or not, I'm still single.

Oops A' Daisy-Right after I was about to have a party, reality beckoned. Looks like I have to fix some tape! Here's a list of what I got...

The Best of Tavares
Barry Manilow-One Voice
Supertramp-Crime of the Century
Burt Bacharach-Make It Easy On Yourself
Rod Stewart-Foolish Behaviour
Linda Ronstadt-Living In The USA
Linda Ronstadt-Prisoner in Disguise
Linda Ronstandt-A Retrospective
Linda Ronstandt-Hasten Down the Wind
Linda Ronstandt-Prisoner of Disguise
Linda Ronstandt-Simple Dreams
Bonnie Raitt-The Glow
Kenny Rogers-Greatest Hits
Carly Simon-Hotcakes
Robert Palmer-Clues
Kim Carnes-Mistaken Identity
The Doobie Brothers-One Step Closer
Abba-Voulez Vous
Abba-The Album
Michael Jackson-Off the Wall
The Carpenters-A Song For You
The Carpenters-The Singles (1969-1973)
Barry Manilow-If I Should Love Again
Saturday Night Fever-soundtrack
Earth Wind and Fire-Gratitude
Earth Wind and Fire-Spirit
Stevie Wonder-Greatest Hits Vol 2
Stevie Wonder-Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants
Gino Vannelli-Brother to Brother
The Rolling Stones-Tattoo You
Barbara Streisand-Guilty
Christopher Cross-s/t
Peaches and Herb-2 Hot
Bee Gees-Greatest
Stevie Nicks-Bella Donna

The Best of the Lot: The Doobie Brothers- One Step Closer- Sounds great, why I don't know...
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