Saturday, May 07, 2016

Natalie Morales Moves To Access Hollywood

Today  fooled you this time. You thought it was one happy family and the present team was going to stay together forever. Ha! It has been reported that Morales has been blasted off the New York anchor desk and will be the Today's west coast anchor. This isn't the only news about our Natalie--she's also going to be the host of the hard-hitting entity, Access Hollywood. The only thing left to ask is what grievous wrong did Natalie commit to be sent away in such a manner.

Morales joined Today in 2006. She became the co-anchor of Today's third hour shortly after (well three years later.) Since 2011 Morales became the show's news reader. Yes, it's been a long 100 years but I don't feel bad about her departure to a half-baked, cursed exodus to the left-coast. Today in LA? Surely you jest! The 7 to 9 weekday edition of Today isn't  even going to have a "newsreader" anymore. Matt Lauer and that lady he's hosting with will read the news, imagine that!!

Sadly, Morales's career has become littered with gossip tinged items. According to reports, Morales was named as a person that was having the sex with the dismal Matt Lauer. Matter of fact, Morales reportedly missed out on replacing Ann Curry due to Matt Lauer's wife's demands that Natalie would not get the gig. The slot was filled by hat rack, Savannah Guthrie.

Oh no! This is nothing I'm making up, this blog does not do that! Morales is also known for her frosty relationship with her third hour Today co-anchor Tamron Hall. There's no need to roll that Beta tape, even a cursory look at those two engaging" lets people know that they don't get along.

Part 2 Apparently Today has a studio in the West Coast (why?) Morales will appear via satellite in the Today broadcasts like the way John Travolta appeared in the classroom in A Boy In the Plastic Bubble--oddly immediate but far, far away.

  According to reports, Billy Bush is coming to Today. Now that's some bad news of Chernobyl propositions. Billy Bush's contract with Access Hollywood went belly-up and he's set to join the Today show in New York for the third hour of the show when Al Roker does his day drinking. This is startling news on a few fronts. Bush heretofore hasn't done any hard stories and is the face of brain melting entertainment mush. What else? People hate Billy Bush. He's the face of mediocrity, the mascot for bland, glad-handing bullshit. To those afraid they will have to see an alarming amount of Billy Bush, their fears can be somewhat allayed. The program has a thousand hosts there's no reason to believe Bush's notoriously annoying personality will endear him to viewers or his co-workers.

Fast Fact: Today also employs Bush's cousin Jenna Bush Hager. As it stands, Hager's fifteen years of on the job training will now consist of making small talk with a relative she reportedly can't stand.

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