Monday, May 02, 2016

Kind of Watching It TV: Grey's Anatomy

Oh hi. My new editor is cracking the whip. He wants more than a post a month or every two months. Dracionian rules. Anyway I've been watching televisions and to my surprise Grey's Anatomy is still on? How did that happen? I've been kind of watching it for years.

Grey's Anatomy debuted in March 2005 as a mid-season replacement. The show was interesting upon it's arrival and the a big show, reaching its peak in the third season with 28.0 million viewers. The tallies for 2015 are less than that, 8.0 million viewers, that's no bueno!

Here's a few reasons why this show is essentially over though its decline still provides odd entertainment in it's trying hours.

 Meredith Grey- The cast has had many overhauls--but with one constant, the character of Meredith Grey. You'd think Miss Mopey would have slid out of the cast around Season 7 but nothing doing. This character has been threw "the ringer" and her soapy existence includes a crazy father, a mother who had a secret baby, the loss of her "person" Christina Yang, babies and a relationship with a husband that resulted with him being run over by an 18 wheeler. And these are the good things! Of course, it's not all dire. Grey is playing de facto elder stateswoman to a gaggle of children in her old house. She's also building a relationship with a half-sister than a barely speak like she does. Dating? She's doing that too when she's not running dates out of the bedroom and obessing about her husband Derek's old blanket.

The actress who portrays Meredith Grey, Hermione Lancaster, Sarah Ellen Pompeo doesn't really miss her cast mate, Patrick Dempsey. Recently on the Ellen show she remarked, "It's amazing how much you can get done with a penis." Ha ha hee hee ha! I'm more amazed at what Grey's Anatomy is doing--with a brain.

Derek Shepherd- Flattened by a Mack Truck.

This happened in the 14th season. Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey's husband and father of their 3 children met his demise in a brutal and disgusting manner. Dempsey had been having problems on the set and as well know Shonda Rimes doesn't do problems so she had a solution. And your looking at it. This episode had Shepherd helping folks in a road accident, being a TV hero and after it was all over, there was one more tragedy for Meredith and the viewers.

Part 2- Derek's death was par for the course. No one should have been surprised. What was surprising is how Grey's Anatomy chickened out of showing the immediate effects of Derek's accident and flashed up a few months. The show still isn't the same without the character--and the anchor of having Derek and Meredith together.

Dr.Richard Is Electrocuted

Never you mind about Season 8 downer ending with Lexi and Eric tragedy via the aeroplane. This Season 9 cliffhanger had our Dr. Richard almost roasted into a dumb dumb. Good lord, you know this show was really reaching when this happened. I think there was a great flood at Seattle Grace when Dr. Richard was loafer deep in water and was around "electwicity" and we know know how this works? Not good. The viewers saw Dr. Richard smoking like a cheap cigar and yet he survived without complications. Not one?
This was so silly. During the same accident Grey's Anatomy claimed the one intern who wasn't loathsome. That Shonda Rimes is a jokester!

Alex Karvey Is Still Alive- The character of Alex Karev has been on the show since the beginning of Grey's Anatomy. Shows would kill to have an expandable character like this on a show. His plot line ran out years ago and yet we're still looking at him. Nowadays Karev spends a fair amount of time as Meredith Grey's broken down pee pee person. And really if Alex Karev is your person? Your show is over.

Callie Torres: 30 Years Of An Ill-Defined Character. Fast fact. Did you know that Callie Torres as has been a character on Grey's Anatomy since Season 2? And did you know that Callie Torres has been kind of annoying for most of this time. It started off so promising, Sara Ramirez gave Torres a great confidence and charisma--and the writing continued to let her down year after year.

Problems signed were on the horizon when Torres was paired with fading character George O' Malley (T.R. Knight) and ever since then they've put her plots that really made little or no sense. The pairing of Torres and Arizona was particularly boring. After the Great Plane Accident, Torres made the call to saw off Arizona's leg, something that always brings couples together.

During season 12 we see Torres fall in love with another half-baked character, Penny--the most's most dreary person ever. What fun! According to reports, Ramirez is planning to leave Grey's Anatomy. I almost hope so.


Whoever This Is I Can't Stand Her

I know who she is, that's Amelia Shepherd, you know Derek's little sister. Amelia's character spent three gruesome seasons on another Shonda Rimes show, Private Practice. Since Season 11, Amelia has been bringing her toxic energy into another program, Grey's Anatomy. Amelia's luck has seemed to be worse than Meredith's with her drug and sex issues, her overall crabbiness and the fact that for all of the years she's been on televisions, the character doesn't seem a whit more defined. All of that in a show that's coasting on fumes.

Grey's Anatomy C+

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