Monday, November 24, 2014

The Queen Latifah Show- Canceled!!

The Queen Latifah Show- Canceled! ! Oh hi. Did you hear the news? The Queen Latifah Show was canceled. Now I know this is a shock but this news will make sense in time. Matter of fact, I think this tragedy will bring us together as we remember--the great times like, like....

There were none. In fact I'm shocked that people are surprised about this news. I'm not. You want to know why it was canceled? It sucked.  The Queen Latifah Show is an awful show. It's leaden, pointless and practically without joy. Of all of the things she's skilled at, rapping is still the best, acting's next. Her singing is acceptable, her talk show hosting skills are nil.

At its best, the Queen Latifah Show was like repressed version of Ellen. Talk show hosts have to give a little of themselves with their life, their interior workings like Kelly Ripa's kid stories, Regis's minutiae or Michael Strahan's amiability. As a host, Latifah was basically a dead-end street. As a person who's been in the business for nearly 30 years rarely has there been a performer so remote and so intent to get away from her true skills: Rapping and acting.

Hilariously, Queen Latifah had a chance to get big ratings a month before the plug was pulled. In October, Bill Cosby was reporting to make an appearance to bore the world yet again. Bill Cosby's been in the news lately--and that brings viewers. It didn't happen. Days later the spin changed and the word was that Cosby canceled his appearance. Yeah right. Anyway, The Queen Latifah Show continue to air until March 2015.

Grade **

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