Monday, April 28, 2014

Catching Up With Awful Morning TV

Oh hi. I was just ready to talk about 1st and Ten when something else came to my attention. Horrible news programming. I don't know what it is, I'm still fascinated with the machinations of something that should be easy but often it isn't. Here's some of the recent disasters I've seen.

That's a pic from America's Favorite: Good Morning America. The show is bad. GMA's great distinctions aren't the fact that it's a great news show, it's the fact that it beats the Today's tail in demographics. The other distinction? Despite the happy family ethos ,GMA's got crazy turnover. Really. Sam Champion, pictured in the middle, left GMA to host a show on the Weather Channel (ha!)  His replacement is a computer program named Ginger Zee (pictured in the circle) The chunky guy on Sam's left is Josh Elliot. Elliot had been with GMA since 2011. In a spate of re-ups, contracts, agents, Elliott wanted more money, 8 million dollars to be exact. He didn't get it and signed to NBC Sports. That brings us to these gals...

While Josh Elliott was shot calling and carrying on, two ladies all but took his place. Lara Spencer (in the red) was upgraded to co-host. Why I don't know. Robin Roberts is still there and the show still has George Stephanopoulos bringing everyone down, that table is getting full. Anyway, as for Josh's old job, that went to Amy Robach. Robach and Spencer reportedly hate one another. TV's fun!

Note; Oh yeah, I just noticed that Josh Elliott didn't get a goodbye show. No acrimony there! No One Likes Josh Elliott!

Today- It's still awful even a year after drop kicking Ann Curry between the goalposts. During this time,
 Tamron Hall was named the 4th person for the 9' o clock hour joining Natalie Morales, Al Roker, and Willie Geist. During Today's regular hours, Carson Daly's always hanging around looking crazy. Why is he there? And really, why are more than four people there? You know, I watched a clip of Today from 1979 and it was so much better, it was just Jane Pauley, Tom Brokaw and Gene Shalit--who was on set in case a movie emergency broke out. Anyway, it was such a quiet show. Not so much now...

Part 2: As for the picture, put in Al Roker and that's pretty much a normal day. It's just too many people....

CBS This Morning- Look, three people! There's no bells and whistles with this one, no special guests or gimmicks. And guess what? People are starting to watch. The ratings have reportedly gone up 13% I'm glad. No I'm not, I don't care!

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