Monday, February 24, 2014

Cancelled! The Piers Morgan, Katie, Bethenny

Piers Morgan Live.

Cancelled! Did you hear the latest? He through.. A little birdy flew through my window and attached to its beak was the message that read, "Piers Morgan Live: Cancelled." I was shocked and saddened and confirmed this grim, game changing occurence.

Piers Morgan Live has been on CNN for 3 years. You might remember that this is the show that sent Larry King Live packing up his old Snickers bars and reading glasses. Have you seen Larry King's infomercials? Piers is going to be doing them next. Word is that they CNN wants Morgan gone quick/fast/in a hurry too. His show was awful and Piers Morgan is a horrible man.

Grade **


 Donzo!! I bet you didn't know this was going to the land of Petticoat Junction and Lucan did you? It's a wrap for Katie. I have to admit the news was quiet but the bomb dropped in December 2013 while we were shopping and skipping down the street filled with holiday glee. Around the same time, Katie Couric was named as the global anchor for Yahoo! Yes that Yahoo! Does anyone go on Yahoo! other than to check their mail? We'll never see Katie again.

The Problem: Katie's show was dreadful. For all of her perkiness and  relatability, she's seemed to transmogrify into a clown like visaged robot who is incapable simple, human emotions. This show was horrifying.
It should be off the air by June 2014.

Grade **


Aw shucks! For fans of talk shows, these are sad times. Or happy ones--depending on where your head is at. Let's cut the chitchat, Bethenny is over too. Now this isn't a surprise, this was a wretched show, it makes Queen Latifah look like Dinah Shore. The problem with this one? Bethenny. No one likes her. The more likable she pretended to be, it only reminded people why they loathed her. I don't remember even seeing a guest on this just placards, video tapes and scans of an uninterested audience.

Part 2: You know what I found most odious? Can't think, I've got a headache so I'll go with everything.

Grade **
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