Friday, December 06, 2013

The Kardashians Kreepy Khristmas


Oh hi. Remember when E! used to be the home of Kathleen Sullivan and Steve Kmentko? Yep. Sadly I think the station was never the same after the OJ Simpson trial. And look who's gotten so famous? Two witnesses for the prosecution--and for our decline: Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner. Life's funny isn't it. You know what's not funny? This awful 90 minute Christmas special from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

From a look at that pic you can see that's Kim Kardashian's Family. If you haven't heard the latest, Kris and Bruce have broken up. The dust up has seemingly given Kris her second wind while Bruce is turning into Gail Strickland. Let's not dwell on that, this family has even more problems. On this episode we also saw Rob Kardashian losing his battle with the bulge and acting low-key/reticent on the show. Viewers of the show might remember his exercise guru, his mentor who helped him with calisthenics, you know Khloe's husband Lamar Odom. Reportedly Odom's keeping his weight off--by smoking crack. Odom didn't appear on this episode and was barely talked about until Khloe saw the number 7 and thought of her aging, journeyman sometime basketball playing husband.

Sadly the only normalcy from this episode came from "the kids" little ol' Kendall and Kylie. They both looked at their parents with suitable horror. Oh yeah, Scott Disick and Kourtney were there too, yippee!

Of course the main point of this show for the footage of the family getting its annual Christmas card taken. Sadly, a bit of creepiness seeped into ye old Yuletide.The shoot wasn't going to be just any shoot. The Karadashian's enlisted '90s relic David LaChappelle for this horrible task. Not surprisingly this proved problematic. From the outset, LaChappelle didn't want to feature the men so Scott, Lamar, Kanye and Rob were methaphoricially sent outside while the "grown ups" had their own kind of fun.

Torture is more like it, especially for the viewer. Kris and Bruce's relationship is so odd and in tatters that he looked like a total outsider in his own family. Flash up to the finished product, the photos are a bit unnerving, holding to the the carnivalesque and garish aesthic LaChappelle is/was known for. Merry Christmas or something!

My Take: This family needz help!

Grade B-
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