Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Jeff Probst Show: Cancelled

If you want a generation defining event, this is it In fact I'd call it a national tragedy. According to my reports, the beloved The Jeff Probst Show has been canceled. Wait, are those howls of indignation I hear? You don't believe me? I ain't lying to you! This news befell the nation on Valentine's Day. It's good in a sense, I won't have to think about my lack of a love life on that day, I'll think about a cancelled television program. This show is as good as any.

You know, it all seemed so easy once upon a time. The Jeff Prosbt Show debuted in September of 1885 2012. The early episodes showed a smarter talk show. The early "classic" episodes were  intelligent and unique with Probst covering a multitude of topics such a dating woes and things from a male point of view. And then it didn't.

In fact, the show never did attract a constant audience and went through many permutations until it settled on a constant: Total chaos. And guess what? By December, the Jeff Probst Show was letting people go left and right. The public never knew but the shifts was seen onscreen. 

It all wasn't a tragedy though. The Jeff Probst Show brought the likable Lisa Whelchel on as a co-host a few times. Community's Yvette Nicole Brown also appeared. While neither of them (or Lisa Ling) were named as a co-host, it did give the audience a sense of how the show would have gone if it didn't get drop kicked off the air.

Mistakes: Quite a few. The biggest one was probably not officially making Lisa Whelchel a co-host. Probst seemed to light up with her talking about basically nothing and that's always fun TV.
CBS Entertainment says the show will complete its first and (chokes back sob) only season. 

Grade: ***
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