Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jenna Wolfe Comes Out & Everyone Still Hates Matt Lauer

Jenna Wolfe- What was the line in that song, "If you don't know/Now you know..." Here's something for all of the geeks chitter chatting about Jenna Wolfe and her business. In a Today show appearance, it was Jenna Wolfe's time to entertain us/make us uncomfortable.

Since 2012, Jenna had been demoted to basically just the news person on the weekend Today show. She was the co-anchor for years (along with Amy Robach.) Any way, I saw Jenna on the couch with the regular Today show crew and I got so excited--until I heard some interesting news. Jenna Wolfe is pregnant. What else? Jenna Wolfe has a   girlfriend. When I heard the news I let out a wail and hid underneath my desk. The times are changing so fast. Why can't she find a man and be unhappy!

A picture from my private collection....

More Matt Lauer, again? People can't stop talking about this horrible man. Ever since the Today Show has taken a turn toward the dark acts, Matt Lauer is all but the mascot for NBC's downward fortunes. This fool has been in the news by way of a tawdry feature in the New Yorker magazine. Among the low lights? The fact that Matt really didn't like Ann Curry. Lauer also tried to get Katie Couric back on. When that didn't happen, he wanted to bolt to ABC and be with Katie on GMA. Thankfully all was avoided. Lauer has remained on NBC with his existential anger boaring a hole through our souls every morning.

Part 2: I hate him.

Now Matt knows how it feels.... Matt Lauer's contract lasts until 2014. Reportedly some say, he won't last that long. NBC has been reportedly interested in Anderson Cooper. Why I don't know. Cooper's own syndicated talk show has been cancelled and at this point, NBC would probably collapse under the weight of Lauer's self-serving goodbyes and Cooper's arrival. Also it looks like Ryan Seacrest was just signed to NBC to get Lauer mad like he's a teenager or something. Seacrest hasn't been seen on the Today Show set in a long time. But you know who has? Carson Daly. Carson Daly?  NBC has lost its damn mind...

Savannah Guthrie- I have to admit, I liked her spunk here, liked liked it. Here's what happened. The happy NBC family were outside doing the world's most boring demonstration of vacuum cleaners. Anyway, Savannah was trying to get one to work and Matt said, "This is the first time Savannah's ever used a vacuum cleaner." Savannah stormed off and did this. Ha, love it!

Of course NBC was all a twitter doing manage control and Guthrie had to get online and say, "Folks it was my INDEX finger." Sure it was. And really if it was her thumb, that facial expression isn't one of the most loving one I've ever seen.

Part 2: I want to see Savannah, Al Roker and Jenna Wolfe's baby attack Matt Lauer and lock him in a rundown cabin and press the button that says "TNT."

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