Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Charlie's Angels-Angels in Waiting

I'm here to kill Bosley!
Oh hi. This late in the 3rd season entry found our Bosley feeling like a jackass and a creature of habit. That's the least of his worries though. Per his daily routine, Bosley always went to a divey place called "Cheerio" for his lunch. As the episode started, there he was looking a paper pushing clammy mess when an attractive woman comes in the restaurant. The woman (Pat Crowley) was much more attractive than the harridans they saddled Bosley with. They caught one another's eyes so much so Bosley doubled back and introduced himself. She said she was going to be there for a while. Bosley wasn't though. He had to go back to the office and be an eunuch for the rest of the afternoon.

Cheap date.
Back at Townshend Agency with a head full of steam, Bosley tried to weasel out of a work day, Bosley devised a plan for the gals to see if they could "find" him if he gave them the slip. It worked like a charm. Sadly this was all working "too well." While Bosley was still riding painted ponies and eating candied apples, someone was trying to kill him (James B. Sikking).It all went back to the Harrison Wellman case. Wellman's brother? He's the guy who's been following him. Wellman's sister: Ellen, the girl Bosley's been courting all afternoon. Goody!

Tell me the truth!
During one of his spacey/cutesy call-ins to the office, Ellen slipped him a mickey. She later put him in his car and pulled a gun on his with the quickness (as pictured.) Luckily Bosley's crazy talk didn't sit well with the Angels so they left the office following the threadbare clues from Bosley's creaky old guessing game. It didn't take long to find him. He was staggering past Sabrina Duncan's Pinto before they knew it. As they all ran to the beach, Sabrina's acrid yell to stop put a shock on Larry Wellman's nervous systems and he let off a shot and then got shot "hisself." As Larry was apprehended, Bosley wanted a moment alone with Ellen even though he could barely stand and was all but peeing his pants. Ellen told him she believed his side of the story. Those two had true chemistry. When I found out they really couldn't be together, I howled. Ellen was going to jail too along with her jerky brother.

I Love Happy Endings: As usual when Bosley got his face broken by love, there was a "surprise" at the end. This time for all of his troubles, Charlie and the gals sent in him off the Bahamas to forget about his disaster of a love life and Ellen. That's when I really lost it.

Grade ***

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