Friday, November 02, 2012

Oh No!: Erica Hill Joins Weekend Today As Co-Anchor

My staff told me some horrible news: Erica Hill has been named as co-anchor on "Weekend Today." Errbody knows how much I love the weekend edition of the Today show. There's no Matt Lauer, no weird Savannah Guthrie. For years it's been Lester Holt and his magically receding hairline and some variation of a lady, mostly Jenna Wolfe. Well it looks like those days are over like the Jerk. The folks over at NBC are going to park Miss Wolfe behind a desk and make her report the news for mere spending change. I'm very sad inside.

While this is seen as an attempt to boost ratings, Hill's no surefire solution. Her last high profile gig was at the "CBS This Morning" where she was last seen pretending to laugh at Gayle King's stories and chit-chat with some guy named Charlie Rose. It was a disaster. Hill was "replaced" while she was on vacation. Erica also hosted "CBS The Early Show" from 2010-2012. That's not only a lot of news programs, it's a lot of unpopular news programs.

What this means for the Lester Holt/Jenna Wolfe team? Nothing good. After Amy Robach blasted out her chains and escaped NBC, it was assumed that Wolfe would get both weekend days. It didn't happen. While Wolfe had hosted some weekends with Holt, the same old complaints creeped up, most saying Jenna was "annoying" and "wouldn't let other human beings talk." Well I guess the "haters" have gotten their wish as NBC tries to minimize Wolfe's role to "just the facts." Erica Hill's first day as permanent co-anchor is November 3.

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