Sunday, April 15, 2012

Miami Vice- When Irish Eyes Are Crying

You know you're home watching Banachek, St. Elsewhere, all the new shows. You don't have time to catch up, you have a life. That's where I come in, I'll watch the programs from episodic television sets that you're too "on the go" to watch. And rest assured, my reviews are solid gold!

Miami Vice-When Irish Eyes Are Crying- This kicked off Miami Vice's 3rd season in the fall of 1986. Fans might not know this wasn't the intended season opener. Some other episode was. In this episode Liam Neeson played a quasi freedom person named Sean Carroon. The initial scene showed Sean talking about the plight over in Ireland and one Det. Gina Calabrase was more than transfixed. They talked, exchanged glaces and she saved him from a shooter in the audience. It's love! Or is?

These two became inseparable in short order. They were having romantic interludes, "rendezvouses" and walks on the beach. Wasn't that great? Of course Crockett and Tubbs weren't satisfied. In fact, Tubbs showed up during a break from shopping for blue suits to issue Gina a warning. The folks at the office got some news on Sean and it wasn't good. It all came to a head when it was discovered that Sean wasn't a pacifist at all. Matter of fact, he was buying crazy arms and whatnot. What? Of course Crockett and Tubbs were on the case. While this didn't delineate any of the heavier thoughts from '80s Irish politics, it did give us a chance to see Gina in love. I like seeing Gina in love and happy. When she smile, I smiles. After that relationship with Sonny petered out, the show's writers really didn't give her a love life. Heavy existential sigh...

After it was found out that Sean wasn't as munificent as he seemed, (you know Sonny knew) they had to go hunt him down like a common thief. The very idea. Here's a clip from the show's final scene. After I fill another hankie, let's discuss it, you, me and my cat!

Did you see it? Ooh wee, that was a barn burner, well more like a plane destroyer. I've got to say Sean was dressed extremely well for a stone-cold killer. Did you see Liam Neeson with that missile? A damn missile? I'm glad that he didn't get to pop that missile off, Lakeside was on that plane. Gina had no choice but to try to kill him. Of course they let the Miami Dade Executioner Sonny Crockett do the honors. What was his death toll during that series, 5,085?

Vice Chat: Although I'm an emphatic Season 1 and Season 2 guy, I love the production values on this last scene. "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" is also the episode where Sonny got his Daytona blown up by a stringer missile. Look at it all in pieces, oh no! I was never the same after that.

Part 2: I wish I was kidding.

Grade **1/2
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