Thursday, April 05, 2012

Fame: White Light

Julie's got "allergies" she needs some Vicks!

Oh hi. You know, I watched Fame again not too long ago and I liked it. Could I be liking shows from the '80s? No, I hate everything! For this Season 5 episode it seemed like our friend Christopher Donnelly had finally found love. The problem? His girlfriend was a coke head. No doubt most shows that were broadcasting during this era had their cautionary coke tales episode. For some reason, this was really effective to me. We can see the couple getting closer after torturing the world with their version of "Animal Instinct" Live At Lou's Bar. Yay! If the applause and chit chat wasn't enough for Julie, her bathroom break with Cocaine was.

It just got worse. Christopher had a birthday party and Julie gave him the classy A + gift of synth drums. Now that's not a dated  now is it? As Chris was pounding away to some infernal song, Julie called her Dad then got out her paraphernalia to do some blow. Caught! Chris came in and founded (sic) her!

It's worse than I thought, how about some Formula 44 with SILENTIUM, you know the cough silencer.

In short order Julie's world came tumbling down. We see her fumbling dance moves and really Leroy was still there? Good lord... Anyway Carol Mayo Jenkins was riding her about her grades and whatnot. Of course this scene seemed a bit false, such disdain for someone suffering with drugs.These kind of character changes (Ms. Sherwood) isn't unlike a lot of shows as they circled the drain.

While we were waiting for Julie's 80s style demise, we got treated to a wretched B story featuring Danny Amatullo, his mom and her dating Lou. Yick! They pretty much put Danny on the bench during this era didn't they? And why didn't he leave school, wasn't he 39?

 Got to say Julie's abuse was a bit messy filled with sweaty scenes, bloody noses and personality changes. There was a seedy dealer in the mix, Hulk I think his name was. He wasn't going to be satisfied until Julie was feenin' and tricking for him. He got his wish. The saddest scene (in a sad ass episode) was when Christopher went to Julie's apartment (their love nest) and found her on the floor overdosed up. That's a clinical term...

The End: You know it was going to be time for some sad song singing and Fame did so with much gusto. In the beginning of the episode Julie was working on a song for Mr. Shorofosy Shorofsky She didn't finish it. The final scene was Chris (wait, give me a minute...) singing the song at Lou's. The song itself was one of those hooky, mournful, 80s songs filled with sad chords.It made for a nice moment. Excuse me while I think about Julie n' Chris and their love, argh ha hoo hoo!

Grade ***
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