Saturday, April 16, 2011

Errybody Leaving: TV Edition

Regis Philibin- It's come to my attention that Regis Philibin is leaving Liveby November. He made this announcement this past January and Regis's personal letter to me came just morning. I'm one for full disclosure so I'm including portions of it. The parts of him talking about killing me have been omitted for time.

Clearly Regis isn't well, we wish him the best. And guess what? Other folks are leaving their television programs to. Quittin': It's Catching!

Meredith Vieira- When Vieira said that she was leaving Today after nearly 6 years, the world asked one queston: What took you so long? I've been a fan of Vieira's since the West 57th's days but Vieira never seemed "all there" on Today. The recent dust-up with Donald Trump just demonstrates it might be time for her to hang up her cleats. She was such a great football player though, I'll miss you!

Looks like Matt Lauer's got an "Urge For Going" too. Seems that Matt's been looking back at his life in a Miami Vice-like flashback and not liking what he sees. Lauer's reported payday is 17 million dollars annually and I go to Coinstar for gas money. Life's not fair. One of the frankly frightening rumors is that Matt might reunite with the lady down below.

Katie Couric- You know, you've got to hand it to her. She has the moxie to try a nightly newscast on creaky ol' CBS. Sadly, reality asserted itself and she and the program was mired in 3rd place. That's just where CBS is: 3rd 4ever. Katie herself seems to think she wasn't best suited for the one-dimensional news format. Really there's no need for her to be unhappy, chained to a desk and belligerent like old Frank Reynolds. It's better for her to leave now on her own speed with that crazy space alien smile still on her face.

Part 2: Couric is reportedly eying a syndicated a talk show to hit the airwaves after Oprah Winfrey leaves and Wendy Williams is finally hauled off into an insane asylum. Matt Lauer's name is floating around as a potential co-host.

My Take: Who want to see that? Bad grammar, intended!

Harry Smith- Harry Smith is the textbook example of someone who was ax to leave. I know the feeling, I've been asked to clear out my metaphorical desks in relationships,  jobs, etc. But you know what? I never was as good at reading the news like Harry Smith is. I don't pretend to be. Smith's departure from CBS Morning News received no fanfare, no ticker-tape parade, not even a Tastykake. In fact I heard that after his final broadcast he was summoned to the office and was fired all over again. Heh, some people. In fact Smith was canned with two of his then CBS Morning Show co-folks. Pass that pain around why dontcha.

Update: The CBS Morning Show still sucks.
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