Saturday, April 09, 2011

Oprah and the Talk Show Hosts

Something momentous happened according to the folks at the Wikipedia. According to industry whispers and hushed tones, Oprah Winfrey had a show with four former talk show hosts. Ha! I'll believe it when I see it....

Oprah struck a conciliatory tone when she invited 4 talk show hosts who had talk show on the same time she did.  Make no mistake this was a competition, And really to be honest (excluding Phil Donahoo) didn't Oprah routinely make short work of these guys? Yep, that's what I thought too?


 Phil Donahue-With his age, demeanor he was the elder statesman of the proceedings and of the genre. You know Phil never had a hint of scandal to his name, not unless you count his thriving prostitution ring 1987-1993. In my estimations, Donahue and Oprah never had a true ratings fight. By the time Winfrey's show hit syndication, Donahue's was eroding like 1973 Willie Mays.

Peep This: Although you'd think that Phil left his talk show some when in 1992 with vim, vigor and his pride intact, think again. The Phil Donahue Show staggered off the air in 1996 to diminishing returns and an audience who abandoned him. According to my staff, Phil's post- talk show credits include two seasons on Judging Amy and hosting duties for Soul Train.

Sally Jessy Raphael- Like the rest of them, Sally lost her mind years ago. Despite being in the proximity of "normal" hosts like Donahue, Raphael's show was closer to the outhouse antics of Richard Bey and Maury Povich. If I'm remembering correctly, Jessy Raphael proceeded over one of the most gauche shows of them all. It could be said that it was her, not Phil Donahue who truly spawned Jerry Springer. To that I say, thanks Sally.

Where The Story Goes, A Farm: While time away from the camera has made her a bit less obnoxious, she doesn't seem to be getting any saner. During the show their was a scene when she was on her farm talking about selling eggs. Selling eggs? Sally, you crazy?

Geraldo Rivera- During the Oprah program, Geraldo did a good job of reigning in what a raging asshole he is. Rivera, one of the most annoying people ever, managed to create a sleepy red glow to his years of rampant chicanery. We didn't really hear much new from Geraldo just the same ol' "stuff" about sailing, broken noses and Al Capone. Oh, thrilling.

Part 2: Once a freedom fighter, Rivera has spent the past few years  saying something close to nothing at the stank/stonking studios of Fox News. And just look at him, he's satisfied staying at that rat hole. Stay there forever ever Geraldo, I don't care.

Montel Williams- This is the one person who did a good job on Oprah. He clearly got the fact that his show wasn't quite on the same exact level as Winfrey's, but he tried. He's been on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few times and did a few Dr. Oz's. Remember the episode where Montel bumped his head and decided to hunt Dr. Oz for sport. Classic TV.

The More You Know: In 1996 Williams won an Emmy for Best Daytime Talk Show host. His TV drama Matt Waters won a People's Choice Award for Show Most Likely To Be Forgotten Forever Ever.

Ricki Lake- To me, her inclusion was puzzling yet not troublesome. The Ricki Lake Show targeted the youth and it was so long ago, I was in her demographic. Unlike Sally Jessy Raphael, Lake's show was actually good in it's first few seasons. I've always liked Ricki, in fact I sent letters n' Valentines to myself pretending they were from her. That was a long time ago--it's been a year.

Picture courtesy of Jason's secret folder.

A Noticeable Absence: Who that is? Ain't nobody but Maury...I took that pic after I broke the news that Oprah wasn't going to have him on her show. He's so hopped up on dope he doesn't even care.
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