Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Review: Steve Irwin's Action Figure

File this under sad purchases. I couldn’t resist, it looked so lonely on the shelf, I had to buy it. Then again someone else had bought a few of them since the last time I was there. I wonder who got the other ones, kids, action figure aficionados? And who knows what they’re doing with theirs, either setting them on fire in some gang ritual or even sadder, reviewing theirs for no apparent reason.

Got to say this isn’t a high level replica/action figure. It’s fine for being a plastic representation of Steve Irwin, but that’s about it. All of the customary things we’ve come to identify Irwin by are here, the khaki outfit (plastic) the silly smile and outdated hair are all here. It’s just like having Irwin back with us, albeit in a plastic form. This toy, I mean action figure adds something else to the mix, Steve Irwin's voice. Ay gads. By pressing one of Steve's pockets, you hear things like "Danger, danger, danger," "Ooh wee" and "We work hard at saving endangered animals." For realz?

If that's not enough, with a flick of a switch you can hear a "story" told by Irwin. The details are pointless to recount, in fact it's a bit frightening especially when he asks questions. And really? I swear it's like he talked forever. My version was talking about Lady Gaga, Obama, and said some nasty things about Al Green. Oh god, my Steve Irwin doll is alive!

Rating: This is actually good stuff, nice energy, not too elaborate and oddly likable. ****
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