Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah Annouces The End of Show

Seems like America's been reeling. It started when I took my vacation and didn't post. I'm sorry about that, I heard school children cried at their desks and of course there was that letter from President Obama telling me that America needed me. Thanks. The other bad news? Oprah will apparently be closing up shop in 2011. Fans of the show have been torn, Rip Torn in fact. Really? This year has been presenting a few problems as a viewer.

Jenna Jameson- Jenna was on a few days ago, Jenna was a big time porn actress, probably the most recognizable face. The show was an expose (exposey) about women watching porn and whatnot. Not a shock. Still seeing Jenna Jameson on the Oprah show made me mad. It should have been Lauren Phoenix since she's still in the field.

Note: I nixed about ten really bad jokes, this is difficult for me...

Sarah Palin- Oh no, don't make her look normal. My hatred for Sarah Palin is well-known but since she's actually not in power/government I can say while she is entertaining, she's also bat-shit crazy. Seeing her on Oprah brought a jumble of emotions but really I didn't need to see her on Oprah.

Mike Tyson- Lord have mercy. What collision of stars n' comets made this appearance seem like a good idea. Despite his recent events, Mike Tyson comes with a lot of baggage and seeing on the show was some programming I could have done without. Wasn't he on two shows? Yep, maybe two too many.

The Texas State Fair Episode- Where were you when this episode aired? I was sitting here, crying again. For some reason this felt like one of those "road episodes" sitcoms do near the end of their run. You know, Greg gets bitten by a spider, Fred and Lamont go to Hawaii, etc. That was barely a sentence. In any event on this road trip we saw Oprah and Gayle eating one unhealthy thing after another. The horror. The star of this fried food fest was Fletcher's Corny Dogs. Reportedly Bob Greene saw this and was so mad he ground his teeth down to little bits, he's recovering. I haven't...

Final Thoughts: Oprah's right, it might be time to bottle up a go, it's been a great run.
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