Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I Don't Understand: TV Edition

The Wendy Williams Show- I guess someone watches this. Too many people for my liking, I want to see this off my TV. Williams got her start on radio metaphorically (and probably literally) rifling through celebs garbage. While that's fine, she's also known as a nasty personality. In short: the perfect person for her own show.

I don't think I've seen one interview she's done that didn't have one bad moment. She seems to thrive on them. The nadir of all television probably happened a few days ago. Williams interviewed Daphne Zuiga on the phone (no Skype?) while trying to dig for dirt on Heather Locklear. Like someone gives a damn. What's worse? This fool was warming up Slim Jims with a lighter and eating them. God bless us.

Rating: **

The Maury Povich Show- Imagine my surprise when I found out this was still on. I thought it was cancelled 30 years ago, replaced by reruns of The Mothers-In-Law. It was a real shame and a pity when I woke up to this train wreck where Starting Over should be.

Maury shows have pretty much been the same forever ever. He's wearing comfy clothes, probably a sweater with a collar (they still make those). An aggressively ugly couple is fighting over paternity, stolen VHS's and whatnot. But something's changed. In olden day, Maury cared about these people. These dayz? Maury is laughing his fool head off at the very thought of these wastes o' skin. Ha! He's become a villain on his own TV show. Good move.

Rating ***

Where It All Began: Maury's turn toward the misanthropic an be traced to his now classic "Phobias" episode. Here's a clip at where the evil began.

Leave It To The Lamas- Dreadful. I was hoping that I had "gone on" before something like this was committed to video tape, you know like when we're overtaken by aliens in 2393. But sadly this has to happen now. There's not much here besides the most fractured family ever to be assembled for a "reality" program. According to rumor, AJ put the moves on his dad (Lorenzo's) ex-wife Shauna Sand who mercifully isn't featured here. From what I can see Lorenzo seems to be struggling a bit. His daughter is way boring and the show itself is proof that we're all being punished. Other than that? It's fine.

Rating **

The Doctors- The less said about this show the better. While I can't bring myself to look at another pic from that death panel called "hosts" from this program, let's look at the executive producer, Jay McGraw. Here this sad, sad man is making himself the story with his Playboy playmate wife. Will anyone watch this show? I'm not. What I care!

Rating **

Exclusive: Jay and Erica's baby is going to be born male or female--the real father is, well you know who...
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