Saturday, October 10, 2009

Southland Canceled

Guess what's canceled. It looks like NBC has decided to put the brakes on one of the actually good shows in on the prime-time schedule, Southland. I'm so angry I can barely type. Given the fact that Jay Leno is scheduled at 10 PM every weeknight, oddly enough there's no room for the dramas that usually show up at that hour. Isn't that crazy? Well, not for NBC, they're known for killing shows like Boomtown, Kingpin, they let ER stagger on forever and now this, another bone-headed decision.

Who's that? It's the 10PM drama killer Jay Leno. Who didn't see this coming. I thought he was going to act as a spoiler for other networks, you know, killing off The Good Wife (it's been renewed), Private Practice, etc. Instead this fool is putting the sleeper hold on shows on his own damn network. Really? He's not happy to be there, the show is half passable/half horrible (just like Conan and Jimmy Fallon) and it's a waste of time.

FYI: If anyone wants to know why Southland was canceled, the answer is below. Hoo ha ha ha ha (coughs) ha ha...

Jay Leno
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