Monday, September 28, 2009

Papa John Stops Blog

Oh hi, good news, it was just a flesh wound. In sadder news, my blog has slowed to a crawl. I had plans to talk about the important things like my 8 track collection when I got this news. Big Joe Turner sent me an IM over the internets and spilled the sad, sad beans about John "Mamas and the Papas" Phillips. Here's the rundown and how it affects me, because that's the most important thing...

When there was a bombshell mentioned in the Oprah commercials, I knew what was up. On the show Mackenzie explained how the unfortunate incident started the night (gulp) before her wedding. It reportedly lasted 10 years and was consensual--whatever that means in this instance. I totally believe it. Here's why. During the 80s Mackenzie was touring with the (groan) New Mamas and Papas. They usually were on the lower tier of TV entertainment, I saw them on some show and something was just off. Little did I know what it was. Also during the time, Mackenzie was in the throes of a terrible drug addiction. So was John, but this was basically his call because he was the father and the "relationship" wasn't equal, healthy or whatever.

File Under: Oh glory.... So now I'm left with this issue. Here's the odd thing, I'm glad Mackenzie put Papa John on blast like this. While unsettling (reading the news made me actually bellow) this shouldn't be a secret. The good news, Mackenzie seems to be better after revealing this, and that's good.

Odd Facts:

1. I've always thought Mackenzie was oddly attractive (in the best sense).

2. I never could stand Michelle Phillips

3. Denny Doherty is/was one of my favorite people to listen to tell a story.

4. John Phillips has always given me the heebie-jeebies.

5. I don't like the Mamas and Papas. I like a lot of group who were similar to them but not them. I do like "Creeque Alley" though.

6. I like lists.
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