Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson Canned At SNL

SNL's having problems, now they're axing cast members way, way close to its season premiere. I guess we can add Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson to the list. Hopefully, something can be worked out but as of now, sucks. See how I did that? It's a segue, yeah me!

Michaela Watkins- Now there's a lovely, lovely woman. I liked her right off when she appeared on SNL last season. I saw a clip of her work before she did her first show, it was hilarious. Sadly she wasn't used a lot on the show. She's probably best remembered as Hoda Kotb and the internet blogger Angie Tempura. Watkins is also known from her stint on "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

The problem with Watkins's exit is that many few it's premature and that she's actually funny. Also hearing about this in September is relatively late given SNL's track record. I have no idea why she was axed, Lorne Michaels said something about her being better suited to having her own show. Bitch pleeze...

Here's a clip from one of the only funny recurring skits from SNL...

Casey Wilson- The outcry over Casey's ouster? Not so much.
I like Casey Wilson. Her problem? She wasn't that funny on SNL. It happens. Chris Rock blew chunks during his tenure there. Michael McKean (Michael McKean!) was lousy on his season. Wilson is in good company and she'll bounce back. The other problem with Wilson seems to be the people around her who didn't tell her, "Hey, that's not working." In fact, Wilson was often the only thing in a skit that wasn't funny--and she certainly wasn't the straight woman. That made for uncomfortable watching, something that could have been alleviated with a few good talks and constructive criticism. It didn't have to go down like this.

Part 2: They should have given her another year.

Here's something, hilarious....

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