Monday, August 31, 2009

The Decline of Dr. Phil

I've got some not so sad news to report, Dr. Phil's show is failing. I don't know how this happened but it's clear, Dr. Phil's run as a successful talk show host is in the past tense. As of January 2009, Phil's ratings dropped 27 percents (sic) and you know it's been tumbling on down since then. The biggest segment of the population causing this exodus? You guessed it, women. It seems like women have grown tired for Dr. Phil's shenanigans. And to be real about it, Dr. Phil hasn't said anything of any importance in three years, three long years.

In short order, "Dr. Phil" went from being a good show to a not so good show. In recent years he's encountered failures like the "Dr. Phil House", "Dr. Phil's MTV Beachhouse" and of course the Dr. Phil Electroshock Therapy Tour. All of these things, however well intentioned, didn't bring back those viewers who took a cab on him. This year the Dr. Phil program will start in an unenviable position of falling ratings and hosted by a man who doesn't know what the heck he's talking about.

Notes: I was on Oprah's site trying to find some Dr. Phil info and it just led to old links, 404's, brok'n internets stuff. In fact the newest pic/article I could find was from 2001. What happened to that relationship. Heavy sigh...

Part 16: Dr. Phil's ratings are now hovering around the danger zone of 2.5 million. It was over 7 million during his heyday, you know the days when we wore flowers in our hair, had love-ins and of course when Totie Fields guest hosted. Halycon days those were...
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