Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worst Men in the Universe

I'm heated. Normally August is a month where bloggers take a break. Sadly my editor doesn't feel that way, he's an evil mean something or other. Plus, he wants me to stop being nice and revert to my old ways. Done!

Ryan O' Neal- Now I've had problems with Ryan O' Neal for the longest time, he just seems skeevy. Was he always like this? Yep. There's apparently stories about him that are truly revolting. From my investigations, it looks like the 1975 film Barry Lydon is where the crazy begin (sic). O' Neal blames this film on the downfall of his career. It is also this Stanley Kubrick waste o' film where he gave a then 11 year old Griffin some cocaine to stay awake though the whole thing. Ah, thanks dad. To make matters worse Ryan was arrested for narcotic not to long ago. That pic isn't from his stint on Bones, it's his mug shot. Smile!

A Travelogue Of Wrongdoing: I'd be here all day if I listed all of Ryan's transgressions, sadly the latest one is a little sadder then the rest. During the funeral of Farrah Fawcett, Ryan accidentally hit on his estranged daughter Tatum O' Neal without knowing it was her. Gulp! Bad on so many levels...

Morgan Freeman- Awful awful human being. You know, Morgan had a nice reputation--that is until the truth reared its, its, ahh you know the rest. Seems like Morgan's rock-solid marriage was a sham. He and his wife Mynra had an "open marriage." That puts a shudder in my bones. One of the women on his "to-do list" was his (gasp) step-granddaughter. Seems they've been carrying on for a decade. She's 27. Morgan's 103.

A Little Bit of Jealousy: To be honest, Morgan's 72 he just looks way older. I have to wonder how Morgan swung this. Women in their 20s treat me like I'm one of the Mills Brothers and Morgan's been dating this young girl for years.. But then again, she's probably going to kill him and she'll live off his money. Yay!

Ed Swiderski: What is this, the 15th edition of the Bachelorette/Bachelor? Scrap it. For this season ol' boring Jillian got a chance to pick from her own pool of stone-cold losers. This is the wreck she ended up with, Ed Swiderski (heh looks like swindle.) If his clear phoniness towards Jillian on camera wasn't enough, Swiderski reportedly continued to date two women during his courtship with Jillian. He even had the nerve to tell one that he wasn't attracted to Jillian at all. That's So Wrong. Sure you're on 14:59 and a half but I haven't forgotten you, you're pure evils.

Sure Jillian's crazy boring with her hot dog talks her family (groan, talk about wanting to say single) and her Jillian-ness. She deserves better!

Joe Jackson- Oh lord they don't come no worser. It's not out of school to say this jackass has been wreaking havoc since the silent era. What things he must have done to those children, mental scarring them, whipping them with his belt and sending them to bed without their dessert. Sadly the loss of Michael Jackson also means we have to look at this, this, person again. Yuck/cry.

Part 2: During the days after Michael's demise, we saw Joe wasn't exactly torn up. He was smiling for the cameras, hanging out with one of the Chi-Lites (why God why) and trying to talk about his business ventures. Trying is the operative word, Joe's barely intelligible now, like he ever was. He's horrible. And you know what? I hope he doesn't get anywhere near Michael's children. We don't need him ruining his fifth generation of impressionable children.

Look who's wearing Katherine's old sofa cover...
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