Friday, July 24, 2009

Episode Review: Miami Vice: Like a Hurricane

I enjoy TV, it's always there. As a part of my probation, I was "forced" into watching my Miami Vice's for insomniac purposes. It's my Propofol! Anyway for this episode we find our friends a few years away from the show's peak in the middle of Season 4. Zito is gone, Crockett wears funny clothes and Tubbs is a hologram. Castillo (with a straight face) tells Sonny his next assignment is going to be a music business case. Jason rolls eyes until they cross. To be more specific the case/episode involves bodyguarding has-been singer Sheena, er, Caitlin Davies. Oh the Moonlighting sparks that ensue!

Caitlin of course is a spitfire and is taken with Sonny and his rumpled and big zany suit coats. We get to see Catlin at over at Criteria Studio doing a brutal version of Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" with a bunch of chirrens. The music business side characters are uniformly vial, it's almost orgasmic to see their storylines wrap up one by one. One storyline didn't wrap up: Sonny and Caitlin's marriage. They seemed to fall in love in record time after a grope by the sea in a shot-up boat. Heavy sigh... Sonny had to break the news to hot hot Gina and she got her cry on. Tubbs, back from his home planet, was skeptical, but he was there as the best man anyway.

Geek Info: I'm a serious Miami Vice (no) so I can say this plot twist probably put speed on the show's demise. The Caitlin Davis's character just didn't help, but it might have. Singer Carly Simon was practically begged for the role but couldn't do it. Damnit! Lorraine Bracco did some filming but got sick with a flu and or crazy and had to jet. That left us with Sheena Easton, an actual singer but one who could barely act.

Show Grade ***
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