Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial

I couldn't help myself I had to watch that Michael Jackson thing. Sadly I wasn't invited although I'm sure I got a lifetime free pass to all things Jacksons by way a 1973 Alpha-Bits promotion. Yeah, I didn't forget! Here's a few of the appearances.

Mariah Carey- I caught a little of this performance. Carey sang "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz. It wasn't a great showing, so much so Carey apologized to her fans, saying she was overcome with emotion. Here's something: It's not about you Mariah Carey!

Queen Latifah- Queen Latifah was there for reasons unknown. She read a poem Maya Angelou wrote. I don't know why Maya couldn't do it herself, maybe she was busy knitting or making a stew. In any event, it was a nice poem, a wonderful reading. I'm basically typing half asleep.

John Mayer. Believe it or not, Mayer was invited to play by the Jackson family. It's surprising after what he's done to Jennifer Aniston. Mayer played a version of Michael's "Human Nature." As sick as I am, Stevie Wonder didn't effect me much, but this did. I don't know, it was a nice understated version. Sure Mayer's annoying but he's a great guitarist.

Brooke Shields- Emotions heavy, early morning typing, it's too much. Seeing Brooke at the memorial made it a bit more real. It was nice seeing her there. She recounted some interesting stuff. I liked the relationship between Brooke and Michael I wish it would have gone even further. Oh god, why am I being nice. Someone stop me from typing. Also this is probably the first time she's seemed like Brooke Shields to me in years. Weird.

Jermaine Jackson- Uh oh. I've been a Jermaine Jackson fan for a long time. Favorite songs from him, "You Like Me Don't You," "You Said" and "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" to name a few. Sure they had their ups and downs but Jermaine and Michael always seemed to have a nice effect on one another in the best of times. Seeing Jermaine sing this was really cool and very moving.

To recap, Berry Gordy said something or other, press release talk whatnot, etc. Lionel Richie sang "Jesus is Love", Usher all but fell in Michael's casket and there was this. Marlon Jackson gave an impassioned speech that I really can't watch again. Got to say I love to hear the Jacksons talk, such soft spoken voices, weird accents and their way of talking. Michael's daughter also appeared, sad stuff all around...

All in all it was a nice deal. I don't like labels, let's call it a gathering. What I did like was when Al Sharpton said "Thank you" to Michael Jackson. Very appropriate. Thank you Mike...
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