Sunday, October 05, 2008

TV's Junk

I can safely say I've had the worst time watching TV in the past few weeks. The worst time ever. Is TV getting worse? I'm actually getting scared. Here's some of the low lights, so far.

ER- You know ER had to kill off another main character. Sure I got an inkling something was up seeing that x-explosion but really. The show's victim this time was Mekhi Pfeffier's character Gregory Pratt. How many ER death scenes do I have to sit through, I'll tell you what, I'll never do it again.

The So-So News: Angela Bassett's going the cast. It's kind of late isn't it? It's like making an album about the twist in 1978.

The Really Bad News: Noah Wylie's going to return to reheat the beans of that always shitty character. Yipee!

The Ex-List- I'd love to know what kind of botched karma/bad luck led me watch something like this. This lady, 33, goes to a psychic and finds out the love of her life is someone she's already dated. zOmG! You know what that means, an endless succession of ex-boyfriends and lessons learned along the way. Gak!

90210- I'm resigned to say that I'm not going to be an active 90210 watcher. That's supposedly the new Brenda character. Her parents are Rob Estes and Lori Loughlin. The family has an African-American son, that's cool. Everything else? Don't care. Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh are back, Andrea Zuckerman's kid's around somewhere. And in sad news? Nat is confined to a rolling chair because of a grease fire that a visiting Steve Sanders started.

What's Wrong: My problem with 90210 is the fact that the original show was basically over by the 93-94 season. As soon as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen showed up and Shannen Doherty left, the show was done.

Exclusive!!! I'm going to share my Yahoo messenger conversation with Rush Sanders, he won't mind. He tells everyone hi!

Jason: What's up man, how you livin'?

Rush_Sanders2000: It's all good

Jason: Like, a, are you going to be on the new 90210 show

Rush_Sanders2000: Nah man, can't make it. I've got to go to Sing Sing to visit my son Steve, I---

Jason: Oh noes!

Jason has logged off and began to wail...
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