Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rick Astley-Whenever You Need Somebody

Life is funny. I was doing nothing special when I heard a song from the past. The song, Rick Astley's "Whenever You Need Somebody." I have to admit the song brought back some memories. I was immediately transported back to the late '80s and back to knocking people out for spare change. But enough about me.

This song is song finds Astley when he was a hit-making machine. R&B lovers heard this song three years earlier when it was called "Dancing in the Key of Life" by Steve Arrington. Similar riffs notwithstanding, this is a solid video. Astley plays a young swain in love with a woman who looks like she crawled off the pages of Hustler, Oui, you know, the classy skin mags. Rick is spending most of his time in a studio working on his smooth moves. The woman sees him via the world's most dated TV's where he attempts to communicate with her with the Sunglasses Dance. Will these lovers ever get together? Well of course...

The Good: In retrospect, Astley wasn't a bad singer, he was just stuck with stolid, unimaginative producers. He often sounded so programmed it's a shock he managed anything resembling a human-like sound.

The Bad: The video...

You crazy?
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