Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin: Sportscaster: A Review

Dear Diary, I often try not to let politics and whatnot get in the way of my writings on the most important things. But really? This is important because it's so wretched, oddly watchable and ultimately sad. It's kind of like watching episodes of Joey. It's worthy of mockery--and then the tears begin. Have a look at this, this....

My love of old new broadcasts has been tainted with this horrible display! The following was John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin during an earlier incarnation as a sportscaster in Alaska or somewhere. It's pretty brutal, neophyte stuff. This 4 minutes of torture doesn't show promise or even a command of the language. What's worse? Palin doesn't even seem like a sports fan.

The Voice: It's atrocious, it's just not suitable for human listening, maybe it's fine for calling moose in the wild and then killing them. Believe it or not, Palin did get a BA in Journalism. I guess she did do something when she was attending those 5 colleges in 6 years.

The Appearance: You know when this was done, the '80s. In fact, Palin still seems to be stuck in the Big '80s from her politics to her look. Now we get a chance to see how it all started--and how it never really really ended. If have to wonder was she a hard-right psycho back then? How did it start? And how many cans of White Rain did it take to hold that mop up? Such quest'tons....

The Verdict: This is easily one of the worst broadcasts I've ever seen and I'm not exaggerating. D-
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