Thursday, August 14, 2008

Steve Sanders Hurt My Feelings!

This is a tough one and really wasn't this week enough? From Estelle Getty to this, the circle of life, the circle of putred, shitty life. A lot of fans are anticipating the new edition of Beverly Hills 90210. When one thinks of that show we think of one person, Steve Sanders. He was the mascot, the weather vane, the MVP, the constant as most of the others had the good sense to leave. It seems that since he's gotten a little bit of noterity (the good kind), he's not going to crawl back to a character that did its heavy lifting by 1993. Way to escape Mr. Smarty Pants...

Steve Sanders portrayer Ian Ziering told it like this, "It's not really where my career goals are focused right now," Ziering told People. "I'm really looking down the line pretty far and this might be a step backwards."

He continued, "You know, Steve Sanders lives on in our hearts and in our minds."

He do? That's the first I've heard of this. To me Steve Sanders has been one of the most irritating characters ever. I wanted Ziering to reprise it from either a jail cell, deathrow or on the run. Darnit...
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