Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Save Mr. Rogers Campaign

Sad news for people with a conscience and time to watch good TV. After 4o odd years in syndication, it looks like PBS is dropping Mr. Rogers Neighborhood from it's schedule. This news is sickening, so much in fact, I peed all over myself when I first heard about. But really, it's all about changing times, the Now generation, turning on/tuning out and the fact there's just no new shows. We lost Mr. Rogers a few years back...

As a fan of shows like this and this show in particular, I'm fine with this news. At the present, it's on once everyday and the plan is to show one episode every weekend. That just might be enough, there's always the DVD market, especially for 1979's ill-fated Mr Rogers: Disco Party.

Campaign: There is a campaign underway to save Mr. Rogers,

Part 2: I wish them the best of luck but I don't give a hoot.
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