Monday, May 05, 2008

Grand Theft Auto and Barack Obama, What?

A sad day for a geek. My Fortune 500 company was willing to help Barack Obama. When my staff sent me this clip, it was a down day at the office. We cried. In fact, I'm still crying, I had to dismiss everyone early. In the clip we see Obama taking time out of his busy schedule to talk about Grand Theft Auto IV like it's poison or something. Shame on him!

A Review: Check out that segue at around :24 seconds in, pulling Grand Theft Auto out of thin air. What was he talking about before that? NAFTA? The Spinners? It's all a blur. While I'm a fan, it looks like Obama's flying blind here, casting about and taking out an unsuspecting target, the family friendly game, Grand Theft Auto. In fact, I've learned many life lessons from GTA: San Andreas like how to attack strangers with a billyclub, act like its 1992 all day and shoot folks for spending change.

A Profound Disappointment: Sadly, it looks like I'll never have that day of playing Grand Theft Auto with Barack Obama and for that, we are all a bit diminished.
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