Monday, April 21, 2008

Show Exits

For some reason, I like it when people leave TV dramas. Clearly all characters have a fan base and they feel so bad when actors leave with or without their own volition. The last few days have been busy ones. I thought I'd mark this momentous occasion and say "Ah Verwa."

Diane Neal- She leaves us after 20 years as ADA on Law and Order. She had been on all seasons but we just didn't see her. So far, the spin from Neal's exit isn't good. She reportedly flew the F word around and that was that.

Quit or Fired: Pending

Gary Dourdan- Just as I was beginning to learn how to spell his name. Warrick is one of my favorite characters on CSI. CSI is my favorite show of all of the shows I've seen 100 times but only 3 full episodes. Folks have alluded to an "ongoing problem" much like CSI has an "ongoing problem" too, it's getting shitty.

News: Dourdan has signed on as guest writer for my diary. Isn't that great! Finally the perspective from someone who doesn't own action figures.

Khandi Alexander- Oh no, this one hurts. Reportedly, the terns of her departure are mutual or not as acrimonious, yet. Still I did enjoy her work on the show.

Oh Yeah: She was on News Radio too.

Jesse L. Martin-Law and Order- Yikes, it's like losing Marvin Gaye all over again. Well not really. Martin will be leaving L&O and leave it to NBC to capitalize on the fact. The show needed promotion the whole season they had Milena Govich. Now the ratings are down and we're stuck with Linus Roche, Jeremy Sisto, no Jesse L. Martin and Sam Waterson turning in increasingly curmudgeonly performances.

Plot Idea: Shoot Det. Green out of a canon, if he survives, it was meant to be, my solution for everything.

Adam Beach-Law and Order SVU (SUV) Yep, him too. Now this is news I can live with. Beach seems to be a good actor but his character-type on a long-running show, never works. Beach's "....." was much like the much-maligned Falsone from Homicide: Life on the Street. Perhaps that's an exaggeration, no one is that annoying.

Fast Fact: Beach's character on Law and Order was named Chester Lake. Chester Lake? Doomed.

Jason Elias- Law and Order: CSI, The Electric Company: You can add me to list of those "pursuing other opportunities." I tendered my resignation to the staffs of both Law and Order: CSI and most regrettably, the Electric Company. The good news, I'm leaving to spend time with Khandi Alexander's family.
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