Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Horrors" From My Record Collection

John Travolta-John Travolta- Reunited and it feels so good! I actually had this on 8 track and I foolishly tossed it. It's been a few years and I've finally replaced this genre classic. What's to say about John Travolta besides the fact he's known as one of showbiz's best singers/actors named John Travolta.

Notes: My favorite songs from the album "Rainbows" and "Goodnight Mr. Moon" were co-written by actor/director Michael Lembeck. The rhythm, strings and horns and remix were done at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Original Soundtrack From the Motion Picture "Mame."

Lucille Ball had an atrocious singing voice and by 1974 it was extra creaky. To add even more fun to the proceedings, perennial blowhard Robert Preston and a particularly grating Bea Arthur also are on the soundtrack. The graphics for this are great however, the album is in mint condition.

Verdict: I really shouldn't have this album.

Richard Harris-The Prophet/Kahlil Gilbran- By 1974, Harris's recording career had clearly peaked. He left or was jettisoned from ABC and signed with Atlantic Records. To sing? Not quite. Harris recites the words of writer Kahlil Gilbran over some really nice and smooth New York pop/R&B by Arif Mardin. Barry Manilow is listed as one of the background singers.

Sounds Like: Richard Harris making like a windbag over some poesy.

Frank Sinatra/Antonio Carlos Jobim- Sinatra Jobim- Just think about 10 years ago I was downing 40oz's of the "good stuff" like Steel Reserve and playing DMX at an ear-splitting volume. Ok, that lasted one week, but this is safe to say this is different, mature. This is a virtual acquisition, I was stumbling around the net and found all of the tracks from this storied and immediately deleted 8 track. There were only 3,500 made. Some songs have appeared, most notably on 1971 Sinatra and Company and all of them landed on a 1979 Brazilian double album that's never been reissued. There's also a box set where all of Frank's Reprise stuff surfaced.

Odd Realization: I'm talking about Frank Sinatra
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