Thursday, March 20, 2008

TV I Shouldn't Have Been Watching

Ready Or Not-I know what you're saying. Jason, weren't you too darned old to be watching Ready or Not? The answer? Indeed. Ready or Not was a Canadian series that got play on PBS in the early '90s, well throughout all of its run. Even though I was past the years depicted so ably by both Laurie Beltram and Lani Billiard I'm a big fan of good acting. Good acting!

Good News: I did some frantic number crunching and my favorite, Lani Billiard was indeed 18 during the show's run.

"Oh really?"

Xuxa- Let's be real, Xuxa wasn't an ugly woman. In fact, she was quite fetching, such an enjoyable presence. Xuxa had a TV show in the early '90s, a kids show in fact. I was waiting her to hit the big, big time, but it seemed like something was just holding her back. While she was teaching childrens about the alfabet, she was teaching me about amour.

Baggage, Baggage, Tons O' Baggage- Upon my deft research, I found that the lovely Xuxa had another career besides being a life-sized clown for the pre-school set, Xuxa had an earlier career in porn.

California Dreams- This takes me back, the soundtrack of my life. Picture it, either waking up hung over or half crazy, the only sense of normalcy was that theme playing on Saturday morning. In fact, I teared up just hearing it again. California Dreams actually survived 5 or so seasons and most of the cast was flicked off and replaced.

Nostalgia Proof: California Dreams sucked.

City Guys- Another NBC gem. I'm not even going to front as the kids used to say, I actually liked City Guys. The sad part? I can't remember much about it besides the fact that it wasn't repugnant. If I'm not mistaken both cast members were about as old as me and by the end of the series run, they both were well over 35 and a half.

Providence- Well there's a show I never should have watched. I'll blame it on youth and peer pressure. While the show was fairly innocuous during its initial run on NBC, in reruns, it's lethal. Oh the plot contrivances, the silliness, not to mention the corniness, it's all too much, too much.

The Worst Part: The fact that I'm talking about Providence.
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