Friday, March 14, 2008

The Worst Shows I've Ever Seen (So Far This Year)

Needs no intro, dreadful stuff all around...

Woman Docs- The former hypochondriac in me can't resist this. It's like crack. Woman Docs is as advertised, but it's a reality show that did its filming in 2001 and apparently nothing beyond it. That fact is set in stone and it hasn't stopped Lifetime Real Women from showing all of the 10 to 17 shows over and over again.

Late Night Fun:
I can imagine couples going to bed to "sleep" and young folks dreamin' and stuff. Me? I'm up at 2AM watching some old codger get a heart transplant and wondering if he's still "with us."

Gay, Straight or Taken-Talk about a show that has the chance to insult everyone. Gay, Straight or Taken is actually one of the worst shows I've ever seen. The premise is simple. A woman is matched with three guys and unknowingly, each guy is either gay, straight or taken. Oh, fun--where's Jim Lange when you need him. Sadly this train wreck has no host, just the most annoying women ever giving a voice to thoughts that should be a silent, inner monologue.

Big Dummies: Regardless of the orientation, the guys here are often dolts, idiots even. The women are no better. These oddly chatty, camera ready and ultimately annoying women should have gotten their dating licenses revoked in 1999. Rarely do they ever have a slight perception of their surroundings always pick the wrong guy. Heh, just like real life I bet.

Well, well, well, looky here. Here's a pic of another pic of Jenner Evans from the first installment of this ghasty half n' hour. By far she was the most interesting contestant.

Big Brother- Sad to see this solid entertainment in my "hate to watch" list. God knows what "season" this is, all I know is that it's dreadful. While it's certainly often not the best show on television, Big Brother used to be actually interesting. Not this trip. The season was rushed because of the strike, its been on for weeks and now one gives a heck about it. The funniest news? The strike is over and they've still got to play these shitty shows. It's karmic punishment for canceling Joan of Arcadia 15 long years ago.

Quarterlife- I don't know why I derived some much pleasure from the failure of this show. Here's the backstory. Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick did an online series about the lives of people in their '20s. Herskovitz and Zwick actually did two of my favorite shows, My-So Called Life and thirtysomething. Quarterlife debuted as an online series. Quarterlife was bad as an online series. NBC picked up the show, it imploded--lasted one episode. Here's a clip from the pilot of the online incarnation. Wow, it's so, so, ass....

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