Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stuff In My YouTube History

I was stumbling around YouTube when I noticed the following notice...

These are your recently watched videos. We respect your privacy, and do not share this information with anyone. You can clear your history by clicking the 'Clear Viewing History' link at bottom.

Done! Now one needs to know what videos I've watched--or do they? Heh, heh, heh (coughs) ha, ha...

Bob Crane-Check out Swingin' Bob Crane on the skins. They just weren't whistling dixie when they said he could play, he actually could. This is a clip from him on the Red Skelton Hour from 1967. Bob Crane liked playing the drums. You know what else Bob Crane liked? Having sex and filming it with the "state-of-the-art" film/video products of the day. Well, let's not remember him for that or his unctuousness, but then again, it's impossible.

Tyrone Davis-There It Is- This is a clip from Tyrone Davis at probably the Kit Kat/Boom Boom Lounge. Here Davis is lip-syncing to his 1972 classic "There It Is." Given his satiny, tasseled ensemble and the synthesizers, this was videoed years after the song was a hit. It's a great clip anyway.

Favorite Line: "I followed them to a little 'ol place/Where they sit right down/And ordered a taste." Hilarious.

The Dramatics-I'm Going By The Stars in Your Eyes (1976)- You know, I don't give a heck about that old zodiac either. I love to pretend to actually like new music, but I don't, hate 95% of it. This is the kind of stuff I usually listen to. This clip not only features one of my favorite groups, but also my favorite era for Soul Train. On this track, the singers are the late Lenny Mayes, he leads it, LJ Reynolds and Ron Banks--the dude with the high voice.

Now, Now: The Dramatics are one of those groups that are much loved. How much? Here's a comment from a YouTuber contrasting the guys to Earth Wind and Fire.

"Its all bout the dramatics so the elements can go sit down cause they ain't shit..."


Little Richard- On Jimi Hendrix (1973) Before Little Richard found a happy balance between the sacred and profane, he made for an often uncomfortable presence on talk shows and the like. This is the peak of that era. This clip is from the 1973 documentary film Jimi. As we can clearly see here, Little is far way from the church at this point. And how many catchphrases/witticisms are in this? About 100.

Transcription: Between me and GTL66, a fellow commenter on YouTube, I, I mean, we give you this, committed to print.

"...I got ta take ya higha! Not off a some cocaine uh uh uh some piece of grass or some uh uh heron, but Jimi was gonna take em higha than that!!!" That's oddly profound--and true.

George Burns-Fixing a Hole- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- After all of those clips, it was time for a real classic featuring one of the premiere singers of our time. Thank God this was filmed, we'll always be able to see it.

Recording Info: This take was different from the one that appeared on the 1978 soundtrack. This is one of the best performances ever.
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