Friday, February 22, 2008

The Donny Osmond Chronicles

I had so many posts planned, but it seems a pressing matter has reached my news desk. It deals with Donny Osmond. In a disturbing turn of events, it seems Donny has become an ubiquitous presence on TV. How this happen?After a break that felt like a decade and a half, one Donald Osmond was called back into the ranks of people who are seen daily?

Like every despot, there's a ton of collateral damages. Let's review what Donny Osmond's resurgence has done to a few folks who might look familiar.

Kevin Frazier: Marginalized- Frazier seemed to be the go to guy in case we "lost" Mark Steines. Not so much now. With Osmond leap frogging over him, the details are grim. Frazier is locked on the weekend shift where they either do celebrity diets or they interview one of the Golden Girls for the thousandth time.

The Low Lights: Most depressing, Frazier was assigned to report on play video games with some 17 year old who came in 305th on American Idol. His fake smiles almost shattered his teeth into little bits.

Mark Steines- Rendered Even More Superfluous- Let's face it, Mark Steines was never an exciting reporter. His connections are non existent, not a whole heck of a lot of charisma. The only reason why he got the ET job was because unlike Bob Goen, he wasn't Bob Goen-y. Now Steines is even worse. With a personality like Donny Osmond, it makes Mark that much pointless.

Note: Steines wasn't invited to the awards gala pictured. He was "taken away" shortly after for "observation."

Diagnosis: Mark Steines is criminally insane.

Pat O' Brien: O' Broken- Pat O' Brien was flying high after his rehab stint. In fact, I flew over to his house, we went to a few disco parties and I was impressed by Pat's commitment to sobriety. Now that's a switch. Take a gander at that sad face on the left. Sadly, Pat's demons started rearing their ugly heads the same time Donny Osmond started making appearances on the Insider too. The picture on the left was taken at my birthday party.
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