Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Bad TV

Sometimes there's no room for intros, just exasperated sighs...

See Regis Cook, Or Not...

Today probably marks the final time I'm ever going to watch Regis and Kelly Lee. It all started innocently enough with a dreaded cooking segment. Some doofus with spiky blonde hair was cooking up some "healthy" Superbowl food when I saw that Regis was clearly having some trouble. Shuffling about with a faraway gaze, this made for uncomfortable TV. And as for Regis, it's not like I haven't watched the show since 1992 but it looks like he's just had it and Kelly is just breaking his spirit.

Suggestions: Shoot Regis out of a canon (with or without a parachute) if he comes back down, it's meant to be.

Dr. Phil- Baggy Pants! Sadly that was the show's real title. After showing himself to be an unlicensed blowhard/blockhead with the Britney Spears tragedy, Dr. Phil is clearly running out of road. The big issue in Dr. Phil's increasingly zany world? Youths and oversized jeans. The horrors...This topic is specious on its own so Phil had to add other "gunk" like racial issues, hip-hop, gats, whining mothers and Al Sharpton into the mix. All of this is an attempt to make McGraw look sane in comparison. Like that's going to work.

Note: It seems that Dr. Phil, the TV show has gotten further away from Harpo Productions and that's given the show a certain sucky and circus-like atmosphere.

Prediction: Dr. Phil will be in prison one day.

Harry Smith- Crazy/Insane- I got a bad report about Harry Smith. On the day Ted Kennedy endorsed Senator Barack Obama, Kennedy went to the black hole known as the CBS Early Show. First off, it was good of Ted to show up, the Early Show, who does except for the losers on Survivor. The interview itself? Not so wonderful. Smith alluded to Obama being a change agent and talked junk with Teddy about some looming danger. Really all presidential candidates are agents of change. The problem is most of their ideas are shitty.

Thankfully Teddy didn't placate Smith's crazy talk and in a karmic twist, Kennedy and the recently exited Hannah Storm beat Smith into a pulp and broke his glasses into little bits.
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