Monday, October 22, 2007

Pop Culture Idiot: Presidential Endorsements

During this election year (well next year) I'm pleased to be an American. Being an American with a diary gives me the power to have a candidate I like. It's a big field out there and thankfully I've got time to think about it. Here's a few of my frontrunners--so far...

John Anderson- Now my people have been speaking highly of Anderson. Someone told me that he ran almost 30 years ago but that's just bad intelligence. John Anderson is the candidate of today!

Little Richard- Everyone loves Little Richard and oddly enough Little Richard loves America. You should have heard him crying for his native country when he was over in Englands back in the remember whens. See, he was on a religious trip and people were begging for him to sing the devil's music. Little Richard acquiesced and the rest is history. I'm assuming he's a blue dog Democrat, tough but fair.

An Old Refrigerator in the Woods-Really, I get excited when I think of the good work this would do as commander-in-chief. The big bonus? It didn't get us into war. Thumbs up...

Anonymous late '90s, early '00's GI Joe: That's his given name. I've been a sergeant for many GI Joe armies and this recruit is by far the best. His maturity makes up for his freakishly short stature. He's a real decider and he's equipped with firepower to kill space aliens (see gun.)

The Downside: A small scar on his face,the faint sound of "broken stuff" when he's "rattled" and plastic eyebrows.
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