Friday, October 12, 2007

My Non Favorite, Favorite Commercial Spokespersons

Oddly enough these commercials from yore haunt me. Incontinence, popcorn and ex-jocks with bad knees, oh the humanity!

Orville Redenbacher-They don't know what to do with Orville do they? We lost Orville a while back but that's not stopping him being spliced into new commercials. That's dear. There was also a cringe-worthy and pants filling spot that had a zombie/animated Orville with an MP3 player. Hee hee, funny...

Zombie-fied Orville, now that's frightening...

Everybody Loves Wilford Brimley. What's not to love? While he's become a punch line, an easy joke, I want to celebrate his persuasive nature as a commercial spokesman. Coming to prominence in the late '80s with his Quaker Oats spots, Brimley was the rare celebrity that cared about America's bowel functions

We know who this is, Joe Namath. During his career as a jock, sportscaster and personality, Namath has had some great commercials including Noxema, Dingo and Texaco. Perhaps none are greater than his spots for Flex-All. Clearly a magical cream, the healing properties in the analgesic had Namath
feeling renewed. The inherent corniness of the commercial had Namath ending a spot with, "...I just might ask for my old job back."

Update: I don't know what Joe Namath is looking at in that pic and I don't want to know...

Billy Dee Williams- Back in the '70s and '80s Williams was ubiquitous flaunting the good life via one of the shittiest drinks known to man. In all honesty, Colt 45, will make you hurt yourself or somebody. Sadly after this commercial was made, Williams drowned 15 Colt 45's, said a bunch of nasty things to the crew, flew to Maryland and choked me for no apparent reason.

June Allyson/Depend- "...You can Depend me... We lost June Allyson a while back but her dedication to people and their urine flow with live on. Allyson actually helped to give Depend the boost it needed by admitting that folks pee pee a lot and sometimes not on purpose. That's something that folks like me and Wilford Brimley are really thankful for.
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