Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gary Collins Arrested

You've got to love that title, but it's the truth. Those who like law-abiding citizens can scratch off TV host Gary Collins off the list of "do-gooders." Earlier this week Collins was arrested in LA for drunken driving. Collins was collared after being involved in an accident. Reports say that Gary was traveling around and was in a fender-bender at 60 miles per hour. His 1895 Ford Explorer was able to hit a few cars. Gary's "crazy" driving alerted police. They then searched his car and found a crack pipe, crack paraphernalia and oddly enough, crack. They also found some
"suspicious" shoes that Collins was wearing in the photo on the left.

*Warning, parental advisory recommended...* Those sickened by the youth and the way they treat"the law" would do well not looking. Collins decided to play a cat and mouse game pretending to be too stiff to fit into the paddy wagon. The police didn't have time for that foolishness and had to clobber him on the noggin and slid him in the backseat expeditiously.

Gary Collins before he became that "lost person."
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