Monday, September 17, 2007

Tyra Banks /Steve Wilkos: Fresh Hell

The Tyra Banks Show- **

Banks decided to move her show from California to New York. We don't know what prompted this move, but I'm saddened that Banks and her phoniness is that much closer to me. The show itself hasn't changed, but it seems that she has. Regressing to frightening levels, it looks like Tyra thinks more whining, idiotic facial expressions and "comedy" will make someone this she's normal. Nothing doing, she's insane.

Part 15: I caught a few of those America Top Model marathons and it seems that Tyra has specific issues with women who look a bit like her or look better than her. Banks also loves to hack off contestants hair and give them a played-out style all in the name of "modeling." Hello, Passive-Agression, Tyra's on line one...

The Steve Wilkos Show- **1/2 (the half is for hoping that there's a very special episode that puts someone in traction.)

It was only a matter of time before this bonehead got his own show. You might recognize this guy as a bouncer for the Jerry Springer Show. As the years went on they'd do little segments with Wilkos and left to "explore other opportunties." In short, a shitty show with his name on it. There's nothing much to report here, this is a low-grade, shaved down IQ points version of the mercifully cancelled, Dr. Keith Ablow Show. From the outset, Wilkos was already roughing up a guest. Good going...

Given his lightened workload, I'm in discussions (talks) to have Dr. Keith Ablow come over here and "help out." I can't wait to get started!
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