Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Whining

Nice New Set, Declining Show- I had to watch Whoopi Goldberg's first week on the View. You know, I kind of enjoyed. The good will is probably tenuous at best, but it was nice seeing Barbara Walters alert. Believe it or not, she didn't work in a Harry Reasoner reference. As for Goldberg, I'm surprised she's doing this. She can be a really good actress so why in the heck is she here?

According to reports Sherri Shepherd is going to be a new co-host. Look, there's a pic of Meredith Vieira (Jason chokes back a sob...)

Clearly not everyone was happy. Professional complainer Rosie O' Donnell had to run and do a "blog" with clearly obsequious buddies. I can't believe she was talking about the set changes--like that dark blue she chose wasn't mind-numbing and depressing. They sure look happy. Just think, if Rosie hadn't of blown her stack, they'd all still be on TV instead of whining to chuckleheads like me. Oh the pain...

I implicitly asked my street team never to bring me a bad report on El DeBarge. What did they do? They gleefully got a stork to deliver the surprising news that El (one of my favorite singers) was arrested on drug and battery charges. At first I wondered what kind of battery gets you arrested? Ray-o-Vac? Eveready? Than I realized El was trying to put a smackdown on his intended. I'm going to be queasy, not El?!?

Part 2: I don't care if you're a man or woman, to see El DeBarge coming at you and swinging has got to be surreal.

WTF? This is that guy Mystery from Vh1's The Pick Up Artist. He plays coach to a sack of losers who have trouble with women. My application must have been lost in the mail. In any event, this guy (with a couple of total dweebs) give the even more clueless, Dr.Mesmer-like bar and coffee house tricks to exactly get a conversation that doesn't include, "I'm flattered, but" or "I'm sorry, see ya!"

Part 202,404- All of Mystery's card games and quasi magic tricks still don't explain why women still line up for morons like him and the one below...

Sad to say Flav is going further besmirch the legacy of everything by appearing for the 3rd installment of Flavor of Love. At this point, I don't care about the premise, his little names and that inane cackle. Why these women even sign up I have no clue. Oddly enough, given my tech savvy, I've seen at least 8 or 9, maybe 10 of his contestants nude. Hey, the show is good for something.
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