Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kind of Watching it DVD's: Fists of Fear Touch of Death)

Fists of Fear: Touch of Death (1979)

I finally found a movie that's too bad for even me. The premise here is simple yet barely adhered to. There's a martial arts tournament at Madison Square Garden where the champs of the day are fighting. The side issue? They're looking for the next Bruce Lee. Good luck. Throughout this travesty is the late actor Adolph Caesar as an annoying sportscaster named, Adolph Caesar.

Fred Williamson and Adolph Caesar doing something close to nothing...

To add insult to injury, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson is on hand for the festivities. After a few self-serving comments and corny asides, it's nothing more than a cameo appearance. In a show of chutzpah for the ages, a then 40 something year old Williamson equates himself with Bruce Lee and than offers a snappy, "Go see one of my movies." It's not about you Fred Williamson!

Part 4,505: Halfway through the movie, Fists of Fear attempts to tell Bruce Lee's story by using clips from other movies, clumsily spliced blatant lies and botched dialogue. It's a mess. This pic is from some early Bruce Lee movie, not real life. But it's an instance of the crass history rewriting and inanity that sums this movie up.

Rating *
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