Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fools of the Week (And Thensome)

Nick Hogan: Grade A Jackass. To be honest, I find the Hogans disturbing. Not surprisingly, speed demon Nick Hogan has driving difficulties. While it's semi-humorous now, a few hours before all of the details were in--it looked pretty dire. Hogan was driving a bone-shattering 84 in a 45 mile per hour zone. He also wasn't wearing a seat belt, lost control, crossed the median, hit a palm tree and demolished his car.

Save the Vigils: Everyone can blow out the candles, Nick Hogan is ok and was released from the hospital.

I think that car has a few more miles in it...

Mike Boogie- A Man and His Penile Bump: Never one for decorum or following the tenets of "too much information," here's Boogie, again. This time, he's not in the Big Brother house, he migrated to E! Dr. 90210 to see his friend Dr. Will Kirby. But this isn't a friendly call, it's medical. It seems that Boogie has a problem with his member. Not one to dwell in his sorrows, Boogie found a way to embarrass himself, Dr. Will, E! and the genital wart. Not surprisingly this was compelling TV.

Part 2: Oddly enough, I can stand both Dr. Will and Mike Boogie...

Michael Vick: Full of Contrition- I don't know much about his career. I haven't followed football since Lydell Mitchell left the Colts, but I do know that dog fighting and killing is wrong, wrong, wrong. As Vick entered a guilty plea, he told us all that he found religion and found it real quick.

How could a man create such a great cold remedy yet do such horrible things?

Jerry Lewis: Best Friend Ever- As we all know we lost Merv Griffin. You know who else knows? Jerry Lewis. Lewis dropped this bomb during a recent appearance on the always shitious ET. "I was very angry when I heard he died. He didn't have to die. He knew he had prostate cancer and he did nothing about it. He deserved to die."

Part 2: And that's the last we've heard of Jerry Lewis. Since he made that awful comment, his face froze into the position seen above. We'll be thinking of him...
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